• Are there important issues in your professional and personal life that need somebody to support you with his knowledge, experience and with genuine interest in you?
  • Are you a person who highly values your personal development, your vision, mission and your success in professional and personal life?

It should be evident for every leader that people are very much influenced by the behavior he or she is showing. There is a strong tendency (65 % of the people do) to mirror that behavior. If a leader wants to make sure that successful behavior is exhibited in a team he or she has to be a very good, or even better, an excellent role model. A world-class attitude and optimal behavior are no luxury: it is a necessity in order to create and sustain an organization that scores high. This is a very good reason to choose for individual and/or team coaching!

Typical coaching issues

  • Become a Triple S leader/organization (Safe, Seen, Support) with a very high LQ (Love Quotient)
  • How to handle difficult situations / co-workers / conflicts
  • How to handle disruptions and deal with reorganizations, Merges & Acquisitions
  • Learn how to excel as a leader
  • Improve your communication skills
  • More work-life balance, less stress
  • Change management

Coaching sessions work optimally with one hour sessions weekly via FaceTime or Skype.

Do you say ‘Yes’?

Do you wholeheartedly say YES to the following three questions for successful coaching?

  1. Do I have a clear help request?
  2. Am I willing to put my ego into the fridge?
  3. Am I ready to fully commit to the coaching sessions based on not only a sound ‘rational must’ but also an intrinsically ‘emotional desire’?

Can you also fully say YES tot he following questions?

  1. Are you aware that the financial capital built by an organization always is the natural result of a high experience-, reputation- and relationship capital built by the organization and yourself? 
  2. Are you willing to experience yourself as vulnerable, to say good-bye to limiting beliefs and really dare to walk through ‘open doors’?

If you sincerely have said YES five times then I am happy to plan a FaceTime or Skype call in order to check out how my 42 years of extended business experience and expertise can contribute to the realization of your objectives. Let’s get to know each other so that we can create a tailor-made program for you. With good coaching you will reach your goals faster and with more pleasure and satisfaction.

Furthermore we offer consultancy and advice projects company-wide concerning Human Capital Excellence, all 100 % tailor-made and leading to very concrete results.

Please contact me!

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