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Robert Benninga inspired over 300.000 people in 57 countries

Solid Relationships bring Solid Business

How does it affect you when your people love to go the extra mile, are happy to be part of your business and contribute abundantly by being the best they can be?
And how does it affect you when productivity is too low, communication is tough and connections are weak, with high costs and major frustrations?

Let’s achieve the very best by understanding what really makes all of us thrive and what turns us off. Let’s build a culture based on fulfilling our basic human needs: the need to feel SAFE, to feel SEEN and to feel SUPPORTED (Triple S). Of course always based on a clear result demand.
When we manifest a high Triple S score for all concerned, productivity will shoot up, job and customer satisfaction will further improve, and creativity, agility, innovative power and results will get a major boost.

Enjoy these Take Home Values from this event:

  • Find out why and how the Triple S Method (Safe, Seen & Supported) will create huge benefits by addressing and resolving issues that really matter.
  • Get effective tools to keep the communication lines open in times of challenges and (disruptive) change.
  • Experience how Triple S can and will strengthen relationships and performance at all ages and stages of life: at work, at home and for your own development.

I love to share my 43 years of business experience and experience with you in an impactful event such as a leadership retreat, a team training, a convention or a client event.

Other Keynotes and Workshops

Below you will find a selection of keynotes and workshops that are requested frequently and have been realized with more than 300.00 participants in 55 countries. All keynotes and workshops are prepared tailor-made after extensive briefing.

  • Be the Best You Can Be

  • The HiT Experience™

  • More with Less

  • Do not Tell… ASK

  • Building Trust

  • Wake-Up Call

  • Positive Leadership & Change Management

  • The Art of Relaxed Concentration

  • Happy Cows Give Better and More Milk

  • The Do’s and Don’ts with Mergers and Acquisitions

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