Everyday is Valentine’s Day ❤️🌹

14 feb 2018

Today is Valentine’s day, a chance to celebrate our love with our loved one(s). 
Love is more than pink hearts on a Valentine’s card. Love is a human need. We all want love. Giving and receiving it makes us happy, relaxed and let us grow beyond our daily routine.
Love shows itself in micro moments, in moments of connection and warm attention. In moments when we feel safe, seen and supported. When manager Tim takes his team’s worries after another reorganization seriously by listening to their concerns (safe.) When Lucy compliments her colleague for her bringing in an important client (seen). When Nancy picks her colleague Roger up to go to work because his car broke down (supported).

Do you have these micro moments of love in your work? When was the last time you experienced feeling safe, seen or supported? When was the last time you made a colleague feel safe, seen and supported?
How did both make you feel?
Happy Valentine’s Day! Robert & Ingeborg


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